Dragon City Facebook Game Hack

Dragon City is a new and exciting social game that motivates each player to create and manage a city Dragons. The player is designed to play interesting dragons and battle against your friends in a world of wonderful islands. You can easily additionally fight with your friends in the groups!

Dragon City Facebook Game Hack

Aim of the game is very simple – to reproduce and create numerous armies of dragons to acquire gold, for which you can buy more food to feed more dragons and get more gold! Pretty simple is not it? However, it is not as easy as you think. Problems may occur due to the limitation of their basic commodities to the game. Therefore, our priority is to help players of Dragon City. We came up with the idea of creating innovative software Dragon City Facebook Game Hack!

As the name suggests, Dragon City Facebook Game Hack  is a revolutionary hack that will allow users to generate a virtually infinite amount of gold to the Dragon City, which will allow the user to create practically the biggest Dragon City, you can imagine. But that’s not all, our Dragon City Facebook Game Hack  is also equipped with many more features! Are you curious?

Our Dragon City Facebook Game Hack in the latest version of the game allows you to add Gold, Food, Gems, and even XP Points! It is very simple to use, our priority was to facilitate a common player using our program. It also has a built-in VPN, as well as a number of security antidetect the latest version ADTSv2. You do not have to now worry about the security of your account – are watching over you you have fun!

Dragon City Facebook Game Hack also has a built autoupdater – as soon as our developers create new software from our users get a message asking you to update the program. Updates are absolutely free!

Hack available for Windows and Mac OS.



  1. Download, unzip and run DragonCity-hack_v328 (exe file or .app, depending on the system).
  2. Then log on to Facebook and join the game Dragon City.
  3. In the program, click the “Check” and wait a moment. Then select the amount of gold, food and Gems and click on “Generate” button.
  4. When you are done, turn off the program, exit the game and re-enter the game. Number of Gold, Food, Gems and XP will be updated in your account, so have fun!